Mosaic Window Project

I am behind on updates but have a couple of pictures to share on the mosaic window piece on which I am working.  I find it hard to work on a continuous basis and find myself going weeks with any progress and then getting a lot done in a short period of time.  I don’t like it but maybe that’s just the way these things work.



Practice piece

I have started my warm up piece. It is a fairly simple geometric pattern with a few curves…mostly straight lines. I haven’t solidified my color choices but I feel like I want this to be cool jewel tones. We’ll see how it goes. I love the feel of holding tools in my hands. My grinder was getting a lot of use on the first few pieces but I was soon able to score and break like a pro. I had a hard time putting it down, not sure why I never found the time. Seems silly…


Daily Prompt : Sommelier Skills


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Got Skills.”

I would love to be a certified Sommelier.  I’m not sure that I have good reasoning for this, it just sounds cool.  I envision impressing (or boring) all of my friends and family with comments about bouquet and tannins.  Then pairing wines with complimentary dishes. 

Preliminary sketch #1

I’m working up a practice piece in order to get re-familiarized with the process.


I realize that although out of practice in my craft, I have gained an incredible amount of focus and patience in a little over a century. Whilst attempting a fairly simple sketch, I was bombarded with questions, attention seeking bad behavior, and a horrible football game. I was able to give attention to all of those things, and probably a few others, and managed to finish the goal I had set for myself today. So, mark one down for being intentional! I accomplish things everyday but I feels so good to accomplish something that is outside of my normal spectrum.

It’s not pretty but…

It’s a start. This is the beginnings of the studio I’m assembling in my garage. I’ve got some very pretty glass, some lead and solder. Everything is old and dirty but I love it! Hoping to get some solder practice in tomorrow.

work table

Also, while digging through old supplies and old stained glass I found one of the first pieces I created.  It’s pretty rough but brings back a lot of memories.


…and now for something completely different

I’ve been contracted to do a project, to revive a hobby at which I had average skill eleven years ago.  I began the planning phase for this project and realized my tools were rusty and needed to be cleaned or replaced.  My supplies are lacking or completely missing and I am undeniably out of practice.  I have come to the realization that it is pretty ridiculous that I haven’t had time for a hobby in eleven years.  Not since last summer or since I started my new job last year, but since I graduated from college and entered the work force full time.  A lot of life has happened since then and I suppose I was busy keeping my head above water.  The things I’ve been busy with are all very responsible and well justified: kids, husband, work, household, etc.  In the midst of all that responsibility, I haven’t really taken care of myself.  So, now I’m going to try something completely different and be selfish.  I’m going to take the time to do things for myself and not just little things like a manicure for thirty minutes.

This is why I’ve started the lead light project, to be intentional with myself.